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[01 Oct 2004|08:12pm]
Today wasnt the best... friends didnt act like friends..

Marshawn Ditched me today he was supposed to come and talk to me after school.. and keep me from being MAD bored but he wasnt there.. and someone else acted like he didnt know me.. that made me upset

Went and got my new Permit today.. on the way back i was like hey mom lets go and get my belly button done now.. shes like okay.. so we went and got it done :)woo hoo its cute i like it ;)

well i hope tomorrow is alot better.. please no drama i love u all.. thanks for not making my day the best :)

Sry jon and the rest of my football boys that i couldnt make the game :( am stuck at home.. wish i was there.. because it least id be with ppl that make me laugh and have fun...

[edit: Rhett made my day by driving me to school and bringing me candy and balloons <3 thanks alot.. it did mean alot.. i wasnt takin advantage of u its just .. i had a really bad day besides for that and i was upset my sweet sixteen wasnt all that i imagined it would be..]

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[01 Oct 2004|06:06am]
[ mood | happy ]

yay today is my birthday ;) im so happy :) Rhett is picking me up at 6:30 this morning to drive me to school...

Last night at 12 midnight NINA called to be the first one to wish me a HAPPY birthday ;) i <3 u even though u woke me up :( lol its all good though.. i miss her like crazy

Cheer game last night.. sry if u all thought i was yelling, i didnt mean to it was just i was frustrated because we didnt do as good as i hoped.. no offence ladies.. its just we didnt look perfessional... but we are squad and everything is wonderful :) sry baby dolls

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bored [29 Sep 2004|05:21am]

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im really having the TIME OF MY LIFE [29 Sep 2004|04:50am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

well well well..
Couldnt sleep this morning :( but i know why :)

woke up approx. 4 a.m. Did the back of my birthday shirt ;) because i had to make a new one last night.. the other one messed up :( but this one is better.. but then i tried to go to sleep and couldnt ahhhh so here i am updating

*Monday* Hung out at home cleaned all the porch chairs and stuff.. :( blah.. it was a nice day though.. i got to go and order my cake and subs for birthday party :) Then went to my lover Kendall's house :* your the best.. Gary dont walk in the bathrooms 3rd period haha that was great.. Mike-what do u look like.. this is not me asking hahaha great times woo hoo messy cake.. ahhhh

*Tuesday* Had one of the BEST days, well since Friday lol... All day things went great ;) Math wasnt even that bad.. so who knows what will happen.... but yeah then after school i went to Math help and that didnt really help me ..because like i didnt come prepared.. but i will come prepared on Thursday let me tell you. Then after that Caitlin came with me to help Missa and I.... *Missa we need to TALK :)... and we were pretty bored.. so i draged them with me to go hang with Marshwan while he rode the bike thing for 20 mins then took a break and then another 20 mins.. hes crazy.. Good times in the afternoon lots of laughs.. *I REALLY have to talk to you CAITLIN..
Then When i got home.. Dale called to see what I was up to.. I was doing hw so he said hed call back later.. Then Marshwan called right as i finished my hw and we talked right quick then he had to go, said hed call me back.. and he did at 10 mins to 10 omg .. mom almost shot me. she just fell asleep.. mommy goes to sleep really early.. so i guess i should warn them not to call past 9 lol oops.. Christine and I had nice talks... So did Kendall and I woo hoo.... I called Jon and he was kinda like..uhhh not sure why but w/e no big deal.. then called caitlin at like 9 because i REALLY want to talk to her about something but she said she didnt feel good and she was still at the game so ehh.. i didnt get to.. Oh and talked to Joshua too.. thanks for helping me.. im gonna TRY my hardest :)

you already know parts of Wed. so yay

life is amazing.. you have to take the good with the bad.. i told you all my life would even out soon.. and it did! i wouldnt give up being CORINA RENEE KENNEDY for anything.. I guess i am better than i thought.. at things and my looks.. i try and act like i am proud of myself.. and that i have self-esteem but now I REALLY do :) Im very happy.. it feels nice to love yourself and to feel good about yourself. and not want to suck in your stomach when someone attemps to touch it.. i might still but i dont find myself worried about it.. and for that im glad.. and well yeah.. Its just been an amazing week



If you are my real friend.. youll bring me (a) balloon(s) :) lol.. i want to have them to walk around with.. ;) please.....

like mcdonalds says.. IM LOVIN IT :) woo hoo
im gonna go now since its 5:05.. blah

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[27 Sep 2004|01:48pm]
woo hoo

FOUR MORE DAYS TILL im 16 woo hoo

Mommy just made my week.. Sunday we are gonna go down and get my belly button pierced.. hmm maybe i can bring my math grade up and i can have a A in that and get my nose pierced too .. hmm maybe.. chels has scared be about that one though.. so im not sure, if its worth the pain.. ahh maybe.. maybe i can talk her into letting me get a tattoo? if so what should i get? i doubt it but hey who knows so give me suggestions pleasee :)

<3 corina

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[26 Sep 2004|10:14pm]
[ mood | going crazy ]

woah today was a nice day.. I STILL HAVE POWER!

- Rhett

but everything else is a +

YAY jon we are record twins <3 u baby u are the best.. we had a nice talk.. u always make me happy, never sry for me just understand.. My birthday is in almost four days !!

Josh-thanks for listening to me.. much <3 u better do it at my party

David- thanks for being such a GREAT friend.. i love that we can not talk for like 4 months on the phone .. and all of a sudden talk and still feel the trust and tell each other everything ... well alot.. much <3 to u too.. hope everything gets worked out u know what im talking about :)

Caitlin- it sux that there were no camaras allowed.. i so wanted a pic lol.. hope u had fun ;)

I know i cant be mad.. theres nothing i can do.. we arent going out.. that isnt my prob. anymore.. :/ Im upset that u feel i pushed u away and made u do it with that person.. i cant believe u got it from them.. why did u do it... i know i hurt u alot but why did u have to go and do that..ahh i dont know what to do..

( dont judge me )

[26 Sep 2004|02:59pm]
[ mood | aggrivated ]

Today is boring. im so confused.. i hate storms.. if the power goes out for good *not just flickering on and off*.. then we wont have power for like 2 weeks which means party/home coming week are cancelled :( Im prayin all day.. Man I hope i still get to have my party..

<lj-cut text="Survay time BIOTCH">

[Three things that scare me:]
1: failure
2: stalkers ha ewww LAUREN help :) ha
3: the thought of losing ppl i care about

[Three things that make me laugh:]
1: Me dissing Jon
2: 9/24/04
3: Missa n Rhett at Ryan's buffett thing hahah

[Three Things I love:]
1: my REAL friends
2: writing
3: nice convos with people that really care about me, the ones that i dont have to talk to every day but we still are really close!

[Three Things I hate:]
1: how i hurt the ones i care about most.. that includes me
2: how the people i thought were nice people have changed alot or just are now showing me their real personality
3: ... the time of the month haha Jon

[Three things I don't understand:]
1: why i pressure myself so much about everything
2: why really hot guys kiss me :)
3: why people that call themselves friends arent really at all

[Three things I can do:]
1: ehh u know haha
2:ehh u know again haha
3: make people laugh .. usually at me but u know

[Three ways to describe my personality:]
Any one that reads this.. answer this so i know u care :)

well im done gotta go Step Dad needs the computer.. ahh boys are complicated.. <3

call me today.. everyone much <3

( dont judge me )

[26 Sep 2004|02:58pm]
[ mood | aggrivated ]

Today is boring. im so confused.. i hate storms.. if the power goes out for good *not just flickering on and off*.. then we wont have power for like 2 weeks which means party/home coming week are cancelled :( Im prayin all day.. Man I hope i still get to have my party..

<lj-cut text="Survay time BIOTCH :)">

[Three things that scare me:]
1: failure
2: stalkers ha ewww LAUREN help :) ha
3: the thought of losing ppl i care about

[Three things that make me laugh:]
1: Me dissing Jon
2: 9/24/04
3: Missa n Rhett at Ryan's buffett thing hahah

[Three Things I love:]
1: my REAL friends
2: writing
3: nice convos with people that really care about me, the ones that i dont have to talk to every day but we still are really close!

[Three Things I hate:]
1: how i hurt the ones i care about most.. that includes me
2: how the people i thought were nice people have changed alot or just are now showing me their real personality
3: ... the time of the month haha Jon

[Three things I don't understand:]
1: why i pressure myself so much about everything
2: why really hot guys kiss me :)
3: why people that call themselves friends arent really at all

[Three things I can do:]
1: ehh u know haha
2:ehh u know again haha
3: make people laugh .. usually at me but u know

[Three ways to describe my personality:]
Any one that reads this.. answer this so i know u care :)

well im done gotta go Step Dad needs the computer.. ahh boys are complicated.. <3

call me today.. everyone much <3

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[25 Sep 2004|01:32pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Im with Maureen when she says things are going her way lately.. :)

*yesterday was the best.. :) i had alot of fun at the game.. yet the rain was really cold

Kendall we should hang out soon.. u and Gary should come chill :) we can all play ddr :) hahah i <3 u

anywho .. man im really having the time of my life.. :)


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[25 Sep 2004|12:29pm]
okay im gonna post a list of the ppl invited to my birthday if u didnt get an invite i just didnt see u in time.. sry but let me know.. if u can come..

Matt H.
Justin P

Jessica L.
Lauren Hadeed
Jenni W.
Chelsea R.
Heather law
Kayla F
Anaa Maria
Jen C
Sam Z
Brea N.
Heather green

if u didnt get an invite.. its on 10/02/04 from 5-11.. please let me know soon.. so my mom can get food and stuff.. thanks

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[22 Sep 2004|08:00pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey hey.. i just want to pre warn EVERYONE

at my party.. there will be NO hanging on each other or DRAMA

and if there is.. i will ask to you to stop because this is MY day.. and i want it to be perfect.. my daddy is even coming.. so anyone that screws this up for me.. is leaving.. and im serious about that one.. so leave your petty little high school acting like elementry and middle school lives at home and have some fun.. leave arguements at the door.. get along just for one ONE day.. thats all im asking.. and for my presents haha.. :) woo hoo

Im sry if i didnt invite u its just i could only have 40 ppl.. and the invites.. went out so quickly :( sry..

Wed. is FINALLY here.. Husband gave me my ring ;) woo hoo it lights up and is PIMP <3 u baby mad kid making in the back by the dumpster haha jk jk

well im gonna go..

and if you were invited please RSVP soon .. mom needs to know how many subs to get

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[21 Sep 2004|09:00pm]
woo hoo.. today was a fun day

My wallet got stolen.. 8 dollars, my permit(so now i cant drive right now), my school id, and worst of all my SSN!!

so if you hear anything about it please let me know

But anyways.. 10 days till im 16 woo hoo so happy biotch

Cant wait to Party woo hoo

Grandfather had sergery today.. had 1 and a 1/2 feet of his intestands(sp) because of cancer.. :( but hes in recovery and is okay

Gilyard made my day today.. hes a funny kid

Jon I fixed your phone.. when i call it says.. the princess is calling.. dont leave me waiting.. you know what to do.. pick up the phone biotch haha :) its pretty funny <3

well im gonna go call him talk to u all later <3

( dont judge me )

[20 Sep 2004|09:36pm]
Africa1023 [9:28 PM]: i kno the princess

yes thats right .. everyone knows it haha.. <3

mommy wouldnt let me get.. a princess party.. invitaions :( so upseting.. passing most of them out tomorrow i need more.. :(

thats all for now

gonna go catch some ZzZ <3


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Things happen for a reason right? And this isnt to caitlin so everyone should read it.. & think abou [19 Sep 2004|05:54pm]
[ mood | fed up with PC PPL ]

Man life has been crazy lately.. like a roller coaster.. haven its ups and downs like crazy getting dizzy..

Have you noticed that people are so wound up in knowing what happens in other peoples lives.. even if they are friends.. people should be more concerned about themselves before they start wondering about whats going on with you.. specially if its just to know gossip

Why do people care what I do with people.. Im not all up in everyone elses business asking them if they did stuff with their boyfriends.. if they do i keep it to myself.. just like if i do something with someone.. i keep it to myself if I want to.. Like people caring about what (as an example) what Gary and Kendall do with each other.. thats kinda weird to want to hear what they do.. they are going out.. its really NO ONES business.. and i respect them.. as I do with Sammie and David.. they give people just enough information, but people keep wanting to know more.. if you want to know what they are doing.. Go get a Boyfriend and stay with them along time.. and find out for yourself what boyfriends and girlfriends do.. Its one thing when people are friends and they tell you because they wanna to because you both are close.. but if they arent wanting to share and tell, dont ask or wonder.. Who really cares what couples, or just people hookin up do.. yah they make out they do more.. Have you ever wondered that people like somethings to be private and personal... And I dont blame them for wanting to because when you tell one person at least 10 others usually find out about it.. That kinda sux that people are like that.. but everyone likes drama now dont they.. I even do.. the right kind of it though. .because life would be boring if it werent for it.. but man you dont have to make trouble by saying stuff about people..

A BIG thanks to Christine *on Friday* Jon *on Saturday* and Rachel *on Saturday night* for making my Weekend before im dead.. really fun..Tomorrow I will die because of Progress Reports

Well Im gonna go, this is long enough.. I just am going to end this with another paragraph to my so called friends


If we were really friends you would no I wouldnt do anything with him.. So i dont get why everyone asked before hand or after the fact i went to his house.. Hes like my little brother and that discusts me that you all would even think that.. that was 7th and 8th grade.. We wouldnt ruin our friendship that has grown alot lately... to be in some stupid heated up moment that would last all of 10 mins. We are smarter than that.. and if you really know us.. well even just me.. you would know that nothing would happen.. and Im pretty ashamed in EVERYONE that that thought even crossed their mind.. even if we were to do stuff its none of ANYONES business and I prob. wouldnt tell you anyway.. because it would get told to like everyone unless I told  because Rachel, Jon and Nina are the only people i trust.. and thats pretty sad..

Just some food for thought.. Think about it.. and if you want comment..



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[19 Sep 2004|09:47am]
[ mood | ZzZzZ ]

Happy Birthday to my Gym Buddy that helps me stay away from my stalker!!! haha i love u boo

Speaking of Boo....

That "My Boo" song is gay rachel made me listen to it today..omg Usher and Alica sux in that song.. and the lyrics are gay..

Well My Rachel is here and im gonna go chill with her before we have to drop her off in like a couple of hours.. :)

talk to u all later


( dont judge me )

[18 Sep 2004|07:45pm]
O man today was a blast.. im so glad i went over to jons today.. hes the best.. except when he is sweaty and wipes it on me and rubs his nasty socks that got wet in a puddle.. ALL OVER MY FACE ahh or when he calls me caitlin.. ahh im gonna kill him but i had a good time.. i havent hung out with the boy in well never.. and i think we had fun.. nice times playin madden lol..

oh and caitlin i dont know if u heard me trying to get him off the phone.. it was just cuz he was helping me play and i didnt know what plays to pick or what to hit.. he was just trying to help me. and i was really really slow (lol) then he stopped helping when he called u..much <3

aww man im so glad i hung out with Jon Kyle and all them.. wish Anthony could have been there but u know... they are a bunch of funny kids.. that yell to much and cant make up their minds.. love u guys

Rachel might sleep over for some girl time.. <3 yeah i <3 her.. ALOT and miss her..

well gotta go talk to taylor.. ill update later

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[18 Sep 2004|08:38am]
well yesterday was an eventful day.. i had fun.. alot of confusion.. but Christine slept over woo hoo.. we had nice girl talk last night.. we never hang out like this.. we need to do it more..

Game was fun.. sat with steven, kyle, and some other kids on the other side.. it was so funny.. stephen starts yelling.. go eagles.. im like dude they are the hawks haha it was great..

well im done for now the princess just woke up :) bye


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:) [18 Sep 2004|08:38am]

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woo hoo <3 [16 Sep 2004|08:50pm]
Jenni u arent my fiance anymore.. im getting married <3

Ckitten88 [8:42 PM]: baby i <3 u
Godzilla91288 [8:42 PM]: lol
Ckitten88 [8:43 PM]: go out with me ill be your gf and i wont hurt u lol
Godzilla91288 [8:43 PM]: i dont need no one else, i got ya love
Ckitten88 [8:43 PM]: haha
Ckitten88 [8:43 PM]: u need me biotch
Godzilla91288 [8:43 PM]: lol
Godzilla91288 [8:44 PM]: i know i cant hide it
Ckitten88 [8:44 PM]: our love is to strong.. we must get married :)
Godzilla91288 [8:45 PM]: haha
Godzilla91288 [8:45 PM]: lets get hitched in a one of those road side chapels in vegas
Godzilla91288 [8:46 PM]: lol
Ckitten88 [8:47 PM]: only if its one where i can have a flower girl.. and walk down listening to elvis lol
Godzilla91288 [8:47 PM]: haha
Ckitten88 [8:47 PM]: and play in the casino's afterwards :)
Ckitten88 [8:47 PM]: and i want a nice ring biotch.. at least out of a 50 cent machine
Ckitten88 [8:47 PM]: ha
Godzilla91288 [8:48 PM]: oh baby you know I love you, I'll get one out of the 75 cent machine
Godzilla91288 [8:48 PM]: only the best right?
Ckitten88 [8:48 PM]: ohh BIG SPENDA
Ckitten88 [8:48 PM]: oh yes
Ckitten88 [8:49 PM]: and our honeymoon has to be in the best hotel there... meaning the nicest trailor park in town

This is stephens entry.. i love u baby.. come over anytime.. hang with me at the game and ill show u a good time.. <3

much love brother <3

( dont judge me )

This iswhat real friends are there for i love u rach.*ahh i hated it when mrs. orlando called u that [12 Sep 2004|07:35pm]
[ mood | silly with a big grin :) ]

I just wanted to let you know.. that your phone call made my day. you are one of my closest friends and im glad that u value or friendship as much as I do. You are so right about us not having to talk and we can just catch up in a week. we are like that and i think thats what keeps us so close.. being around someone so much just cause stress and suffication, in our case i think the distance sometimes makes us stronger. Sometimes i just sit around and think about all my friends, as you do, and i dont really fight with anyone anymore.. but you are the only one that I have faught with, that was kinda laginament. You dont involve yourself in drama and when either of us do, we have each other "holding the rope" and pulling us back to what matters.. when i say i hope u are one of the few friends i keep in touch with after the short 3 years left in FPC, i REALLY do mean that.. i love you baby.. we should have a girls night soon <3


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woo hoo slow your roll biotch [12 Sep 2004|06:43pm]

i took a quiz didnt want to take up everyones friends page :)Collapse )

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[12 Sep 2004|10:03am]
[ mood | in love ]

Last Night was a BLAST


so much fun.. im kinda mad i didnt take a camra but oh well.. cant change the past


My feelings are filled with overwhelmed outofcontrol ideas... I JUST HAVE TO KEEP MY MIND STRAIGHT!!


I didnt even watch most of the bands :( but we rode rides and had fun... The mummy ride was VERY hot and i didnt really like it.. it was a great ride, but im a pansy and has my eyes closed THE ENTIRE TIME haha it was bad.. but i had a bunch of fun

Man Im really glad my lunch was good.. because man it was EXPENSIVE geeeez

I just want to take this time to announce to EVERYONE that

JENNI and I are getting MARRIED

.. she needs to come up with the date.. and I'll let all of you know when it is.. :) We are very HAPPY  i <3 u Jenni *

Well anyways.. im very very unhappy that we have school tomorrow :( VERY im loving not going.. i think i might drop out.. jk jk

I <3 you all :) but Jenni MORE lol man im in love hahaha :) hahah 

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[10 Sep 2004|05:26pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

woo hoo.. tomorrow is ROCK THE UNIVERSE.. im going with Rhett and his church.. today would have been better though.. better bands.. im discouraged.. but oh well im just glad i can go! is anyone else going tomorrow??? ;) hope so..

Steven we should hang out tomorrow or something.. ahh does Mike have a thing for me?? he was acted weird around me the other day... strange.. did u catch that too??

well im tired and im gonna go.. Sry christine that i couldnt have come over tonight hope u all have fun..

Kyle, either u lied to me... or u lied to caitlin, which is it? mostlikly me because like u are obsessing over her being such a great friend (which she is, i <3 u girly) but either way thats really crappy.. i dont want to display your personal life on LJ because im not like that.. but call me because id like to know why you took my friendship for granted.. there is only THREE things that friends can do to me to really upset me.. 1. lie to me 2. Talk about my friends or 3. use me.. and i feel that u lied to me.. and if so .. im really disapointed :( im sry that i cant change the fact that i dont like you and that you feel i led you on.. but those were not my intentions at all and i cant be someone im not.. so im sry ..

Why do guys like me?? Rhett told me today its because im not afraid to be myself and i dont act like something im not.. and that i just have this vibe.. and that i try to stay away from all the drama.. and my looks are a plus.. sometimes i dont see those qualities.. i hope thats why ppl are my friends too.. because guys are TOO much of a hassle ahhhh..

Comment and tell me the number one reason why you are my friend.. im just curious to see what the results are.. please comment..

( dont judge me )

[10 Sep 2004|01:06pm]
Kyle we need to talk.. please call me.. :(

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too young too wrong [10 Sep 2004|12:49pm]
[ mood | understanding ]

Anyways life has been confusing lately but I’m starting, to understand. Im going to list all the things ive learned lately

*I’m not ready for a b/f for a long time.
*I hurt to many ppl by rushing things.
*Im trustworthy, thats why ppl talk to me
*That its okay just to be friends
*How I wanna get to know some one from NY haha caitlin and christine
*How I led someone on and realized im just not interested in him in that way.
*Im starting to lose touch with my friends, if you think we should be closer… COMMENT!
*My left boob is bigger than my right one haha jon
*How guys think its hot when girls watch porn… Guys why is this?
*That guys will use me (thanx Rhett for helping me realize this)
* that I <3 Anna Maria to death. Im here for u babyJ
*That ppl condide in me and ive gotten 100% better at keeping secrets! Jon if you read this CALL ME! I have to tell you something funny
*That I would DIE with out Electricity and A.C. haha
*That Caitlin and I have grown a lot closer :) much <3
* That EVERYTHING need/takes TIME
*That I need a job… im applying at Albertsons woo hoo
*That I still need to learn how to play football.. thats where u come in kyle
*That ppl dont realize that you dont need to know about Football to fold jersey’s and tape some plays… aka be football manager.. lol

Well im done but thre is A LOT more those are just the top ones for this past week! Yay my birthday is in 21 more days woo hoo :)

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just for u XprepyswimrX [08 Sep 2004|09:29pm]

Nina Collapse )

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[07 Sep 2004|06:41pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

woah all of u are SO lucky.. i still have NO POWER it sux butt dude, not cool.. im over rhetts right now.. im loving the AC lol, yesterday was a load of fun though i played football and my team won woo hoo.. i actually caught the ball and threw it. they were all impressed that i could do it yay for Corina

my birthday is in 24 days yess woo hoo.. im having my party on October 2nd.. so if u wanna come. .just leave me a comment and i will add u to my list!!

well im gonna go im hangin out in the ac, man its nice.. my house better get it soon

My line isnt working either so if u know my moms line call it!! it sux blahh


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im copying everyone.. im a little busy so i might not respond as soon as everyone else [03 Sep 2004|10:43pm]
Leave a comment with your name if you want to know what I really think of you, and I’ll reply and tell you. No lies, all honesty. If you don't want to know the truth, don't leave your name.
I will be honest. So be forewarned.

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[03 Sep 2004|03:50pm]


( dont judge me )

[03 Sep 2004|11:53am]
Ahh im finally starting to feel a little bit better... :) woo hoo

Kendall- i dont think mommy's gonna let me go out side in the hurricane :( ahh that sux

Yesterday, jon and kyle, sry i logged off.. my computer got messed up and it was weird.. i couldnt fix it.. :(

found a skirt that i want jon to get me for my birthday, woo hoo and its only 34.50 or something like that <3 hes the best~ well ill hold that off untill he actually buys it lol

I JUST WOKE UP ahhhhh crazy madness..woo hoo and i ate a donut.. i love them glazed mmmm

everyone stay safe <3

Its only a catagory 3 now so i dont think we will get hit too bad..

Well im on my moms name so im gonna go log onto mine

Leave me some love

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[02 Sep 2004|09:09pm]
[ mood | angry ]

woah.. alot has been going on..

i had a really nice talk with rachel, she is so smart i miss her so <3

Man im really missin Nina lately, i think i might call her tomorrow before we all DIE lol <3

Found another that i cant trust

I know how to pick battles now! and this is one that im choosing

I <3 my girls but man we cause alot of hurt :/

well im gonna go just wanted to update.. I love u all

Ben Affleck is playing Poker woo hoo.. <3 so hott

playa woo hoo

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[02 Sep 2004|11:12am]
ahh i love everyone.. good luck in the storm.. gotta go clean.. <3

Caitlin.. call me sometime i gotta talk to u :)

ilove u all <3

Last nights game was fun.. except i couldnt cheer my girls on ..because i barley have a voice.. :( oh well.. they did a GREAT job though woo hoo go dawgs.. and my boys did a wonderful job doing those plays ... i had alot of fun and im glad kyle and rhett were getting along.. man that was hard for me.. but whatever

Rhett dropped off by books today :) had a nice talk with him.. im glad things are becoming normal..

and NO im not gonna hurt them if one more person says that im gonna im gonna hurt someone.. omg im getting so mad about that.. im not out to hurt anyone.. i wanna hang out with all my boys.. flirt with all of them.. have a good time.. i dont wanna be tied down.. and i know how to divid my time.. im an open and honest girl im gonna tell ppl how i feel.. everyone that needs to know how i feel.. does.. im NOT leading anyone on.. and i talk to ppl when i hear things.. so thanks for telling me if u heard anything.. because it only made my relationship with him stronger.. because know he knows i will talk to him about anything.. and to all u curious ppl... im not gonna go out with anyone for a VERY long time... so quit thinking im gonna hurt someone.. they arent getting the wrong idea.. because i tell them i just want to flirt.. thanks for looking out for me.. but most of u just are looking out for them.. and they know how its goin.. so thats all that matters. im sick of ppl being wimps.. just tell it how it is.. quit lying and hiding what u feel

okay thats enough of my lecture for today.. have a nice vacation and stay safe.... much <3 and i hope i see everyone on tuesday.. <3

Jon if u read this .. call me.. we need to talk :)

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[30 Aug 2004|08:05pm]
ahh Today was wonderful besides
*Rhett getting upset
*me being sick
*having to borrow 75 cents from missa.. because im broke
*about to loose my voice..

id like to say a big THANK YOU to Kyle for getting me sick. thanks babe

ahh today was a good day though.. im not gonna post why.. because i dont wanna hurt anyone

im gonna go.. just wanted to update.. woo football tomorrow.. yes..

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ha [29 Aug 2004|05:23pm]

pretty funny outcomesCollapse )

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[29 Aug 2004|04:32pm]
yay.. i was upset today.. but now im not..

I realized today.. that when u hear something, about u or something u disagree with.. dont just get upset.. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

it really does help to talk things out.. yay

Kyle actually did call me today.. woah.. but i was runnin about 2 miles, did 125 crunches, and like 49 push-ups woo hoo.. i am trying to a. burn off some calories b. get in shape for track and c. get my temp. down.. ive got a 99.4 and if it keeps going up im gonna go crazy.. because id have to miss a day of school!! :( that would NOT be good.. oh well any who..

all my friends are busy today.. no one to hang out with or talk to.. kendall is with gary, christine was at the beach and its her grandmothers birthday so cant talk to me till later, kyle and jon are at caitlins, josh i already talked to, rhett is comming home from GA, and everyone else is just busy or not picking up there phones, or is not online. .

Today isnt that great of day but yesturday made up for it.. woo hoo..

Thanks kendall.. we are such 5th graders haha

okay back to my hate/love/like

i love that u have found someone
i love that we are getting close again
i love that we help each other
i hate that u live so close and we never see each other (like four houses)
i love that u are on the + side of kyle and I

i love that u are ALWAYS there for me
i hate that u burned a hole in my plastic bowl ha
i love the way u are
i love that u are like my best friend
i love that we are so much alike and different at the same time
i hate that we dont hang out that much anymore

well thats enough for right now.. im not feeling so hot !!

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im copying caitlin... ;) this is my guy list tomorrow will be my girl list [29 Aug 2004|01:16pm]
i love that we can be so close when we are mad
i love that we have so much that weve shared
i love that ive known u just over a year but we still have so much left to share
i love that we can still talk and laugh
i hate how u just cant let go like i can
i hate how things cant just be okay
i hate how u say u are okay when u arent

i love how we are getting to know each other
i love all the smiles we give to eachother
i like the fact that we are going slow
i love the fact that u care
i dislike the phone calls u get
i dislike the panthers jp
i like how u walk me to class and dont care about being late
i love how u like me now
i hate that u look at cheerleaders :)
i hate that i just got out of a year relationship and things have to be weird
i love when u look into my eyes
i love your face when u taste sour cream
i hate that people question me hurting u

i love how u understand me
i love how we can be so close but nothing sexual happens
i love how u introduced me to kyle
i love how u love me back
i love how we dont fight
i love how i can tell u anything
i hate how people cant see that i only love u as a friend
i love that we are so close
i love seeing u on tuesdays at practice
i love that ure like my brother

i love how we used to be
i hate us this year
i hate how weve grown apart
i hate how u hated my boyfriend but now pay more attention to him then me
i hate how u work on thursdays
i love how u can comfort me
i love how u make me cakes
i love how u lend me games
i hate that we cant be close right now

i love that u love sammie
i love how u can help me in math, science, and spanish
i love that we are friends this year again
i hate that we dont hang out that much

i hate how we arent that close
i like that we talk again this year
i hate how we dont hang out
i love that we have memories..(oops i did it again)
i love that u have friends that help u out
i hate that im not one of them :(

well thats all my guy friends that might read this ... im pretty bored so i might do my girl list later.. but i doubt it

i might go call kyle *<3*
im not sure..

im going to some of my girls now

i hate that u dont act happy for me
i hate that i feel like u still compete with me
i love that we still talk
i hate that i feel like u dont apreciate my friendship
i hate taht u get jealous
i love that u make me laugh
i love that we are so differnt but have so much that is alike
i love that we used to hang out
i hate that we dont anymore
i hate when u are upset

now my mom is yelling at me so i have to go.. i will do the rest later ahhh

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[29 Aug 2004|01:06pm]

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haha this is soo true [29 Aug 2004|12:00am]

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I thought this was pretty funny [28 Aug 2004|10:44pm]

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Today was a very LONG day [28 Aug 2004|10:21pm]
Well i woke up at 6:30 and went to the Rally at about 7:45.. woo hoo its started at 9 but i had to help set up.. but yeah anyways...some funny things happened there.. then some not so funny things.. <3 u Nicole.. i know u will live.. ;)

Then i went home at around 1..woo hoo..kept trying to call Kyle because he didnt pick up his phone *he was mowing the lawn* that explains alot lol... then he called back we talked for awhile... my little cousin was here.. and taking a nap so mom went by herself to pick Kyle up.. ahh and i still dont know what was said in that car.. oh no..

Then we did hw for like TWO HOURS omg was it LONG.. and we didnt get very much accomplished.. because i didnt get word prob. ahh lol sry

Then we had some fun times.. it was hard to get used to not being the princess... lol hahah

But yeah im not gonna go into details.. thats for us to know

sry Rachel i couldnt call u tonight.. I though Kyle was leaving but then his mom and dad came in and stayed for awhile.. so then mom didnt let me call you back.. sry i will deff. call u tomorrow :) sry things havent been going so good for u ... i dont want u to think i blew u off.. it was just i had company.. u know how my mom is about that...

Much <3

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[28 Aug 2004|02:34pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

well today was alright i guess.. so hott outside.. glad i worked inside... well most of the time

hope u feel better Nicole~ :)

All the dances were wonderful

Kyle is coming over soon :) he should be here in like a min. so im gonna go.. just wanted to update !! yay

<3 Corina

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...that is the question [26 Aug 2004|08:19pm]
[ mood | confused ]

ahh i dont know what to do...

do i like him or dont i?

wait. i dont even know him.. all that well..

life is confusing.. thanks chiristine for letting me talk to u :) helped me alot..

Tonight was fun.. i had alot of laughs.. "Go Panthers" yeah okay haha lol .. if u read this (you know who u) let me know where things are going.. im really confused!!

much <3

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[25 Aug 2004|08:47pm]
Walking up the stairs
Turning around the corner
Looking all around for afamilar face
EVen those who are familar dont look it
Not knowing who they are
Not knowing a thing
She walks up to her locker
asks kindly for the kid to remove his body from in front of her space.
Feeling so empty, so scared
No one saying a word. Its like she isnt even there; invisible
She hears and sees all of them laughing, gigling amongst each other
do they not see the paon and suffering behind her eyes, behind her smile, behind the shakiness of her voice?
saying goodbye to the beings in a circle that laugh and giggle but dont say a word to her on the day she needs it the most.

Its so funny how you feel so important when you have just one person with u like everyone says hi not a single face in the croud you dont recognize. no one is quiet no one is invisible but all of a sudden because that one person isnt there your life changes drasticly... like you dont exist, like your not even there.

life is confussing.. i wish i knew what was going on with people ..

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[23 Aug 2004|06:23pm]
Ckitten88 [6:21 PM]: i think i jamed my toe... rhett and i are in a shiznitty postion right now.... alot of my day was filled with sorrow and tears... i have 27 ant bites on ONE leg and like 7 on the other..i have a 10 min. speech i have to say (memorized) in spanish tomorrow... i am to the point i cant really eat.. im hunry but i eat like 2 bites and im full.. the past four days have been heck on earth.. i cant wait till my good days come.. ahhh
Ckitten88 [6:21 PM]: and to top it off i ran the mile in 12:25 sec
youwillsufferme [6:22 PM]: aww
Ckitten88 [6:22 PM]: sry for complaining.. i just needed someone to do it to.. im really upset about rhett and i
Ckitten88 [6:22 PM]: i know i made a mistake.. but i do need my space..i said some bad things to him
Ckitten88 [6:22 PM]: and now i regret it
youwillsufferme [6:22 PM]: its ok
youwillsufferme [6:22 PM]: yea
Ckitten88 [6:23 PM]: i mean im still okay with my choice.. but its just a piece of me is gone now.. thats been here for a year and almost a month!! im going crazy
youwillsufferme [6:24 PM]: yea
youwillsufferme [6:24 PM]: i kno what u mean

I know people wanna know what i mean.. its just i cant even discribe what im going through.. im torn between whats right, whats wrong.. whats right for now.. and im just all a mess... its crazy madness

I think i jammed my toe!! :( it hurts so bad.. rhett :) helped me carry my books from my locker to the car.. thanks babe... my feet didnt smell that bad lol

well g2g do hmwk

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Just a bad day [21 Aug 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | loopy ]

Just because things happened like that before, doesnt mean thats how it is now...no offence but u are on the outside looking in... no one knows how it really is.. NO ONE u know who u are (and no im not mad i just wanted to let u know)

Today i went to go lay sod... woo hoo for the first 45 mins it was fun but then i was with this guy, tracy and brandi and i was taking dirt from one place to another and there were ants on the wheelbarrel... i got about 25 ant bits on my legs.. mommy had to go get benidryl... or how ever u spell it.. THANK YOU ANNA MARIA i love you woo hoo...
So i had to leave early which stunk oh well though.. i slept ALL DAY!! :)I needed taht though so yeah...

It was so weird talking to Rhett today.. because he wants to act all normal and that is something i just cant do.. we arent going out anymore things are gonna drasticlly change for us.. and we just have to deal.. i feel bad because everyone exept one person that has ever REALLY loved me... I just cant feel the same way.. But they end up being like my best friends.. but they still want to get with me.. and it just aint happening.. ahh im so confused .. do i still sit with him at lunch... i mean after awhile things will turn normal... but right now.. i just cant put myself around him because ill feel bad and then ill go back out with him..which is what happens ALL THE TIME... and id just be lying to him about my feelings because i realized that i just got into the habbit of saying I love u.. I dont really mean it in that way anymore.. i know what ppl are thinking .. how can u love someone for a long time and then just fall out of love.. if love is true it lasts forever.. but what u dont get is that i do love him... its like a jon case.. i lvoed him for so long.. but now that love has changed into a brotherly sisterly kinda love...and i think thats what happened with Rhett.. i just cant help the way i feel.. does anyone understand?? its so hard to tell someone that loves u with all of their heart.. that u dont love them back. and this is the SECOND person ive done this too... but this time it was harder because we were going out..

AHHHH life is a pain.. i cant wait until it gets evened out with the good in my life.. blah

* the only + today was that i got to talk to my little sister Lily :) she is soooo cute.. i love her sooo much and miss her like crazy!!

<3 leave me some lovin, im in the mood to know i have friends.. u dont even have to say anything just leave me a heart.. to know that u care ...

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stole from lovely kendall [21 Aug 2004|07:20am]
[ mood | not like myself ]

I WANT: My ex to be happy and move on
I HAVE: a bunch of people that care about me
I WISH: I could love someone that loves me soooo much
I HATE: drama and arguments leaving the same as kendall:)
I MISS: alot of things i dont want to mention...
I FEAR: that God will not take me with him when the rapture comes
I HEAR: that my ex thought i took him for granted... and hes right:(
I SEARCH: for my heart and whatever it says to do, i do it. Sry if thats hurt anyone
I WONDER: If im ever gonna fined the perfect person
I REGRET: nothing.. everything ive ever done ive done for a reason
I ALWAYS: think to much into things
I AM NOT: stupid like alot of ppl think i am
I SING: country.. i love it
I CRY: when im sad
I AM NOT ALWAYS: in a bad mood
I WRITE: alot of poetry..
I WON: most improved for cheerleading
I LOST: a boyfriend
I CONFUSE: myself into thinking i like someone
I NEED: to find out how i am before i am with a guy...
I SHOULD: be getting ready to leave for hhh sod throwing
MY MOTHER THINKS I AM: capable of anything
UPSETS ME: hurtfull things being said
THE LAST IMAGE/THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH: most of the time.. something i wanna dream about.. so i think about it before i go to bed
BEEN IN LOVE: yeah but it either took a whole different course or driffted into an i dont wanna go out anymore thing
SCREEN NAMES: ckitten88
NATURAL HAIR COLOR: like a darkish blonde

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bio biotch [20 Aug 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | undecided ]

Today Coach Allen had me stay after for football practice!! :) but then the camara wasnt working so i couldnt tape the plays.. :( so i sat there forever not doing anything!! no fun


If u are going to just say Collapse )

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[19 Aug 2004|07:48pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

i havent updated in awhile so i will now


This weekCollapse )

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BEST SONG.. read the lyrics [13 Aug 2004|03:15pm]

I Go Back

"Jack and Diane" painted a picture of my life and my dreams,
Suddenly this crazy world made more sense to me
Well I heard it today and I couldn't help but sing along
Cause everytime I hear that song...

I go back to a two toned short bed Chevy
Drivin my first love out to the levvy
Livin life with no sense of time
And I go back to the feel of a fifty yard line
A blanket, a girl, some raspberry wine
Wishin time would stop right in its tracks
Everytime I hear that song, I go back

I used to rock all night to "Keep On Rockin Me Baby"
Frat parties, college bars, just tryin to impress the ladies
I heard it today and I couldn't help but sing along
Cause everytime I hear that song....

I go back to the smell of an old gym floor
The taste of salt on the Carolina shore
After graduation and drinkin goodbye to friends
And I go back to watchin summer fade to fall
Growin up too fast and I do recall
Wishin time would stop right in its tracks
Everytime I hear that song, I go back, I go back

We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives
Takes us to another place and time

So I go back to a pew,preacher, and a choir
Singin bout God, brimstone, and fire
And the smell of Sunday chicken after church
And I go back to the loss of a real good friend
And the sixteen summers I shared with him
Now "Only The Good Die Young" stops me in my tracks
Everytime I hear that song, I go back....

man thats the best.. comment comment comment

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[13 Aug 2004|02:56pm]
sry i forgot to lj cut..

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